At our company, we operate a project with a team structure with several outside members not listed below, in addition to members currently active.

Kohei Noda, Ph. D, President, Certified Industry Counselor, 

Dr. Noda is the founder and president of Kocoro Laboratory and the principal of Starting Point English Academy in the Philippines. He is also certified industrial counsellor. He earned his Ph. D from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Cognitive Science. He was born in Yokohama, Japan and raised in his early childhood in West Germany. He graduated his bachelor in Physics in Science University of Tokyo. He had research stay at Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in University of Zurich and I/O psychology group in University of Waterloo in Canada. He served lectures at several colleges such as Tokyo tech and Ferris University in Japan. His business career starts at Accenture Japan and transferred to PwC, IBM and venture Japanese and International companies mainly in HR fields, though some are hands on management consulting clients. His specialties are cognitive scientific, psychological and HR approach to organisation and personnel. Especially he studied human emotion such as depression, anxiety, motivation and happiness. 

Vitae(by year)

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1973, as the second son of an older brother who died two months before his birth at the age of two years and ten months, he grew up with three siblings, including a younger sister. Moved to Hamburg, West Germany, half a year after his birth due to his father’s job transfer, where he stayed until the age of kindergarten.
Returned to Japan in 1979.
Had a younger sister in the first grade. Spent the rest of my early life in the Kanto area, including high school in Yokohama, college (nuclear physics at the University of Science) in Chiba, and graduate school (nuclear engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology) in Tokyo.
After his father’s illness (somatic and mental symptom to pain and depression) and his own career setback, he switched careers, quit the graduate school, and joined Andersen Consulting. Experienced in HR consulting in the change management division.
After resigning from Andersen Consulting, worked for Recruit Co., Ltd. as a new business developer (importing and implementing Japan’s first career counseling system, developing a job value test), and studied cognitive science at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Science at Tokyo Tech, one of my master.(The laboratory I belong to is a member of the Tokyo Tech Brain Research Consortium and a professor of artificial intelligence and cognitive science from psychology.) Spent a year in Zurich at Artifical Intelligence Laboratory in Universtity of Zurich. Within a month after 9/11, he flew to the East Coast.
Specialized in Artificial Brain Methodology to simulate depression (in artificial life environment) for master degree
Returned to Japan and worked as a part-time researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology for six months before joining PwC Consulting. The acquisition was announced on the day I joined the company, and six months later I moved to the recruitment consulting venture of the current Link and Motivation.
D. program at Tokyo Institute of Technology, COE researcher, consultant for the Tokyo Tech-Mitsubishi Corporation Venture Incubation Alliance, and studied at the University of Waterloo in Canada in 2007 while working as a freelancer. My thesis research was on the simulation of depression and anxiety in social environments by combining social agent simulator, personnel assessment ontology, and artificial brain methodology.
After returning to Japan and completing my degree, I worked as a senior researcher at a venture company in Emotional Intelligence. Imported Emotional Intelligence training from the U.S. (such as facial expression detection training used by immigration officers and investigators).
Established Kokoro Lab Inc. HR consulting, recruitment consulting, HR evaluation/assessment/psychological testing, psychological statistics, counseling/coaching, advisory for new product development in the field, and advisory services.
Released MHQ (Mental Health Questionnaire), a psychological test to measure the risk of depression and the possibility of developmental disorders, from KokoroLab Inc.
Taught Project Based Learning, Career Education, and Information Literacy at Ferris University, and has a sister school relationship with a university in a university town in the Philippines where his English school is located.
In 2011
After the earthquake, became more aware of global issues such as the global environment and the disparity between North and South.
Year 2013
Moved to Cebu, Philippines for new business development (global human resource program development). Developed and implemented a project-based program for global business in emerging countries (Global Business eXperience: GBX). Established and headed the English Education Center for Overseas Internships.
Absorbed the above center and was stationed in Manila as HR Executive Officer in charge of human resource development business at the headquarters of a Japanese company. He was in charge of human resources in Manila, Cebu, Singapore and the headquarters of the company, and also conducted training business.
Executive Officer of Starting Point English Academy and Guesthouse in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, as well as Executive Officer of the local subsidiary (the school was established in 2014 based on the concept of training centers, also introducing U-Theory Learning Journey)
Board member of Cebu Asian Gateway English School, an English language school in Cebu, Philippines
March: All operations of the two corporations in the Philippines and Kokoro Lab in Japan stopped.
May: during lockdown of COVID, Launched the Japanese version of GAIA Journey, a global dialogue using U-theory.
June: Established the Japanese branch of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an international grassroots NGO on climate change.
Returned to Japan at the end of November
June:Director of NGO Japan Africa International Development, a non-profit organization.
July: Established the Japan Chapter of the Alliance for Climate Psychology
September: Establishment of the Yokohama Chapter of the Association for the Realization of Zero Emissions


Aikiko Aikaki, Certified Counselor 

B.A. in university of Sacred Heart in clinical psychology. Master in Shirayuri Women’s University. Clinical child psychology

Aguryo (Roselo) Bernat, Ph. D

Ph. D in Tokyo Institute of Technology. Catalonia Institute of Technology mechanical engineer Graduate Degree . In addition to the length in the United States and Germany of Japan Experience studying abroad .

Schmidt Blad, Kaizen consultant

Cocorro Laboratory Improvement Guidance Consultant Co., Ltd. Representative Director of Genba Research, Inc. Dual citizenship in South Africa and Canada. I am from Sapporo. Specialized in Toyoda Production System ( TPS ) , factory , warehouse , office work improvement. It demonstrates its strengths not only on off-site training of individual tasks such as coaching, counseling, leadership, communication, EQ , evaluator training, skill training, organizational and climate communication through improving on-site work, and individual motivation improvement.

Nishida Chikako peak performance coach

To get out of control of his father,
Since childhood he kept asking for becoming adult and freedom as soon as possible,
I never noticed that my father’s been getting ahead of life for a long time
I lose sight of the value of living my life in my mid 20 ‘s.
What is the meaning of life with myself? After entering the labyrinth, when you give up that you have no value to live,
I encountered the fact that I did not choose anything my life alone. I longed to want to walk my life with my own feet, and I started my life in London where no one knows anyone who will live alone abroad that was longing for me.
From the situation that you can not buy a ticket because you can not tell the destination at the station,
I will challenge to obtain certification of accountants in the UK. I also work hard as sports and suffering because I decided on my own, I spend nearly sixyears in London.
Japanese painful it painful it is 2 times,
Joy and pleasure are more than 10 times what I felt in Japan ,
I realized that living is a pleasure and returned home.
To convey the joy of walking on your own foot with your own legs,
Aim for a professional coach.

Klaus Voss ( Klaus Foss )

Berlin Free University degree (Faculty of Literature communication). Completed Master ‘s degree in Free University of Berlin (Theoretical Physics, Superconductivity). After going to the IT research and development project at the IT company and project manager of the commercial project, he came to Japan. He was a JST special researcher at the University of Tokyo, a consultant at the RIKEN Genomic Sciences Research Center, and a visiting researcher at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Study information exchange / extraction in distributed / mobile environment. We will also study statistical methods for community building and ontology integration. Currently participate in UAE Abu Dhabi project at Germany initAG .

Takehisa Iwasawa

Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of Psychology. Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Sociology graduate studies. Psychology, social survey. Now , the company in membership.

Aya Nakanishi

Completed Masters Degree in Graduate School of Letters, Nara Women’s University. Dropped from the doctoral course halfway. Master of literature. Recruit Co., Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd. After joining Management Solutions, he enrolled.