Kocoro Laboratory offers business coaching for corporation, personal coaching for personnel and psychological counselling serivices. 

Corporate Coaching Service

  • Create vision, mission, goals and expand business
  • Organizational reform towards achievement of vision, reform of corporate culture, creation of burning organization

We have strengths. It will cause change in less than 500 SMEs or a division of a company for a period of 3-6 months. 
Please inquire details of the implementation, case details.

Introduction of coaching method can be found here as well. 
 Coaching service introduction poster
Click here for articles on service cases. 
 Coaching case We will also conduct corporate mental health recovery coaching.


Coaching service for individuals

Due to the know-how of recruitment consulting, there are strengths in career change, career and reinstatement coaching. We are also conducting research collaborating with Kanto Rosai Hospital in the reinstatement coaching research . There are various success stories such as missing your eyes. We will also conduct corporate mental health return coaching.

Examples of individuals and impressions are here. 
(We will continue to upgrade case details later.)

  • Case of changing career Mr. S ( Case in which back pain due to work stress was held and career troubles also existed, once the trouble was arranged and succeeded in changing career positively)
  • C case of reinstatement / career change Mr. C (Acting as a person with disabilities, a memorial warfare in which Mr. C living life lives life to endure the pain of sickness)
  • Examination Case B (a story of Mr. B’s aim for high school examination showing the peak performance of miracle)
  • Employment Case Mr. A (A dream breaking once, but Mr. A’s fierce fighting fulfillment of revenge)
  • Corporate case D (from a spectacular entrepreneur, experiencing bankruptcy to a venture company and a story to founder entrepreneurs)

Other than that

  • Our company mental examination and cooperation with business partners, expatriate counseling of global talent ,
  • English proficiency coaching (Axel English service),
  • Marriage coaching (video coverage of a joint project with Aoyama Marriage Preparatory School)

We are doing. 

FEATURES: Achieve the target with services based on know-how of human resource development, psychology, counseling, sports coaching, management consulting.

How to attend: For inquiries, please contact the inquiries desk for both corporate customers and individuals.

We have a trial session. Please feel free to contact us.