1.1     Cognitive science consultation interview solution

1.1.1  talk about 3C areas

  • Consulting (management / personnel consulting, executive coinging)
  • Counseling (industry, career)
  • Coaching (personal, business, executive)

1.1.2  Personnel interview (recruitment, evaluation)

1.2    Industrial Organization Psychology Solutions

  • Human resource modeling (KSAO, competency, adoption criteria, evaluation index)
  • Target plan analysis (goal management, view of occupational values)
  • Interaction analysis (vs. (dyad) model, team analysis)
  • Various diagnoses (suitability, mental health)

1.3    Intelligence and Knowledge Science Business

1.3.1  Intelligence 3I area

  • Business intelligence (business process agent simulation)
  • Artificial intelligence (BICAAA)
  • Emotional intelligence

1.3.2  Knowledge (ontology) area

  • Personnel evaluation ontology

1.3.3 Value ontology