1. HR Consulting
    1. HR System Development: Appraisal System Development, Payrol system, MBO, Corporate Mission and Visions development, etc. Not only structural development but also application and maintenance. Global HR system development and SM(small and mid) size company HR.
    2. Recruitment consulting and outsourcing: Recruitment Consulting and Outsourcing incl. Head hunting, Interviewing and assessment centre management. Also aptitude, personality and mental health assessment application service.
    3. Training: Leadership, Motivation, EQ, Management, Assessor, Mental Health trainings. In addition, English, Fresh grad., Work Discipline 101, IT literacy etc.
    4. Assessments: Mental Health (Depression and Developmental Disorder) and Emotional intelligence for recruitment and HRD
  2.  Research
    1. Statistical analysis: Mainly for medical and government epidemic and big data analysis.