We succeeded in improving inspection that can be inspected in 100 questions / 10 minutes, similar to general mental health examination which normally takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Conventionally, in the field of mental health, which was mainstream in checking the stress situation in company inspections, confirmation of the depression situation not only stress but also hard to confirm, and cognitive science (cognitive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy) Based on depression theory, we extract to the risk accuracy of “depression development” originally possessed by individuals. In addition, in recent years, part that measures high function autistic / Asperger syndrome whose grasping needs are increasing is also included, it is an advanced mental health overall examination.


About MHQ 2

Since 2013, we have released MHQ 2 which upgraded MHQ from adopted version. In addition to the measurement area of ​​MHQ, MHQ 2 includes “stress environment” (in particular, “presence or absence of” social support “and current work situation (” control “is possible, Categories to measure the possibility of “ADHD” as an upgrade of the developmental disorder area are added to the category of “degree of work engagement” or “degree of work engagement” is felt.) In the summer of 2013, We are planning to release the version, please contact us.

History of MHQ development

  • A major company that had already introduced mental examination can not screen the risk sufficiently with the existing examination and decides test development
  • As a result of the hearing, other major companies found that there were similar problems as follows, and commercialization was carried out. Companies that have problems like the following should consider
  • New graduates / mid-career employees who have adopted difficulties have mental health problems after joining the company
  • Increased mental health incidence of employees and their families who have been assigned overseas
  • Ace talent leaves the battlefield with mental problems after promotion and promotion
  • There are people who will take longer leave / to repeat their leave of absence
  • I can not grasp the state of mental health of employees working in remote areas

Mental health field measured by MHQ assessment (depression risk area only, not autologous closed area)

Mental health field assessed by MHQ assessment (Copyright Kocoro Laboratory Inc.)

Characteristics of MHQ inspection

  • 100 questions can be completed in about 10 minutes, so smooth introduction is possible in the employment examination / personnel related work flow.
  • You can measure depression “risk” as well as depression “condition”.
  • We can measure the “self-closing tendency” which has attracted attention in the communication field in recent years.
  • It is an examination that has been verified with the clinical group in both depression and autistic area.
  • Since it is a web inspection, you can inspect anywhere you have an internet environment.
  • We provide Mental Health Enhancement Program (MHETP) using test results. We have various content contents from ordinary stress training to content that captures the essence including artwork.

Application example of MHQ inspection

  • As a check tool for workplace environment and work flow improvement
  • As a risk management index of labor management
  • As a mental / care awareness raising measure for employees


Introduction of MHQ program contents Video 

MHQ  campaign for enterprises (sample receipt, document sending) in progress!

Mental health problems such as depression and self-closure in companies have a great influence on employee health and productivity. MHQ is a service that measures depression risk and autistic risk and responds. Now it is possible to take up to 5 people in samples. Based on the results, you can also see the tissue diagnosis. In addition, we will send detailed information to the person who contacted us. Please contact us or apply from the “MHQ Examination Application / Inquiries” below.


Free Introduction Seminar “Mental Health Free Seminar”

■ Day: August 24, 2011 (water) 15:00 – 17:00, September 9 (gold) 15: 00-17: 00

■ Organizer: Kosaido Co., Ltd. ■ Venue: Kosaido Ginza branch office meeting room ■ Mental health free seminar holding summary kocoro


Free Introduction Seminar “How to advance organizational mental health improvement”

■ Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 13: 30-16: 45 ■ Organizer: Ibex Network Inc. ■ Venue: Yokohama Information and Cultural Center 7th floor large conference room So far “stress” and “depression” Because the school is different, there was no mental health diagnosis that integrated them. In order to enhance the effect of mental health measures in an organization, it is necessary to comprehensively recall various mental health measures which had been differentiated functionally so far. First, in order to accurately grasp the current situation, a comprehensive viewpoint that covers the mental health domain across the board is required. In addition, know-how to reflect tasks derived by diagnosis in the workplace is essential. This seminar will explain the latest mental health diagnosis and how to proceed today’s mental health measures with examples. http://www.ibex-n.co.jp/seminar.html

Exhibition at “Human Capital 2009 “

Human Capital 2009 ■ Date: July 8 (Wednesday), 9th (Thursday), 10th (Fri) 10th to 30th October 2009 (Venue) Venue: Tokyo International Forum July 8th – 10th, 2009 We decided to introduce MHQ at “Business Net Corporation” exhibition booth at “Human Capital 2009” to be held at Tokyo International Forum. Please come by all means. We are also accepting coverage on the day. For those who wish to interview, please inform the following contacts in advance to inform them of the material interview. Human Capital 2009 】 http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/hc/200907/

MHQ Inspection Application / Inquiry

For application, please contact 03-5210-2019, or info@kocorolab.com. Individual customers can also apply from the following. The simplified version comes with a rough result on depression risk, self-closing tendency (result of two large classifications and results of 4 and 2 sub classifications respectively) and a commentary brochure. Detail version comes with the results of detailed category (16 classifications) in addition to the above. Since it is difficult to interpret the detailed version as it is, we recommend hearing and commentary on expert feedback session (Skype).

MHQ (simplified version) \ 3,000 JPY MHQ (detailed version) \ 5,000 JPY Feedback session (25 minutes) \ 3,000 JPY Feedback session (50 minutes) \ 6,000 JPY