Mission of cocoro laboratory

It is to provide services that apply the results of cognitive science and emotional science to support people’s lives, work and lives more happily, happily and vividly.

What you can do cocoro laboratory

Kokoro Labo provides concepts, services and programs that can contribute in the field of Motivation and Communication, and establishes its dissemination structure at the same time.


Kokoro Labo organizes people involved in business related to human mental and mental health areas (especially the motivation and communication area), aims to brush up the service, establish a method of providing it, and establish a cooperation system of experts.


Kokororabo is a group of experts of the person’s mind, each member of the member aims to be a group that can contribute to the development, provision and dissemination of services as an expert in that field.


Kokoro Labo develops and provides content, services, packages related to unique emotions and communication.


Kokororabo develops services that can apply the results of the academic field to the field, analyzes on-site technology and technology, and presents academically as a new achievement of human science.

Company name 株式会社ココロラボ Kocoro Laboratory, Inc.
CEO Kohei Noda
location 4-1-24-2 F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Tokyo
Date of establishment December 1, 2008
Settlement period November
Business contents Personnel consulting, training / coaching, assessment · various statistical analysis
Take the first bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Omotesando branch