Global training

(Training to learn the local buddies and business and social tasks etc. from the Philippines all over the place (Cebu, Dumaguete etc)

Motivation training

(Training by human motivation experts, combined with career, leadership, communication etc)

Mental health training

(Training by mental health experts, strengths in content linked to business goals such as organizational culture reform, performance improvement without focusing on mental health only, prevention side is also strong)

Communication training

(Training of communication methods used in management such as coaching / counseling)

Examiner training

(Training by personnel system experts, management training aiming from motivation of personnel evaluation, target management to motivation of subordinates and performance improvement)

Those who are trained

(Evening training for recruitment assessment experts: Understanding of Concept of Hiring Assessment and Training of Practice)

EQ training

(Training provided by EQ experts, training with background on expertise in motivation, communication, self-understanding, mental health and the EQ area that affects various aspects)

Marine Corps Leadership

(Joint training with Gumba Research Co., Ltd. Self-management (self-discipline), training to learn the essence of organization management from US former Marine Corps training personnel)

Business improvement training

(Collaborative training with Gamba Research, which has strength in improving our motivation training and Toyota production system, training based on common values ​​that leads the PDCA cycle) Please feel free to inquire us about cases, achievements, programs and so on.

Other general training