We aim to apply our methodology to influence effectively for social change following the internationally agreed goal “SDGs 2030” by targeting diminishing the goal no. 1, “ending the extreme poverty”.

The project’s structure is below.

  • methodology: we follow globally well know the methodology for inner change, innovation, multi-sectorial collaboration and also social change: Theory U by Dr. Otto Scharmer as our guideline methodology.
  • venue: we locate and work mainly at Cebu province and Dumaguete city in the Philippines. We study, launch and intervene to the local social issues mainly inter-connected to or poverty origin problems including regular food supply as basis of life, start and continuation of education of youth (support for one shot in need of study budget, and/or continuous scholarship), help to the victims of child abuse, sexual abuse of youth. etc.
  • topics or projects: as listed above, we help or collaborate with local communities to accomplish the goals or diminish the issues tackling to the several aspects as a comprehensive approach.
  • team: We are mainly Filipino and Japanese dual nationality team but we are welcome to accept multi-background international participants.
  • activities: We started first as a training for local and japanese participants to understand, collaborate and intervene the local issues but now we are more stably operate the projects not as only as training but also as just a continuous non-profittable work.
  • history: coming soon