At Kokoro Laboratory, we are entrusted with various data analysis contracts. 
We collaborate on research level hypothesis models to psychological and social statistical analysis services. 
We undertake surveys from research institutions, public institutions and companies.


Analysis service example

Statistical analysis service of various psychology · medical · business survey

Industrial Hospital Research Center for Musculoskeletal System: 2011: Study on work engagement · workaholic · recovery of tertiary industrial white collar. It is currently underway.

Fiscal 2010: There was a discovery from a trend by age and gender among Job Studies. It is undergoing papers.

FY2009: A multistep statistical analysis series of occupational pain (back pain) and epidemiological survey (Job-Study) on stress and QOL conducted mainly by the Kanto Rosai Hospital and the University of Tokyo medical school.

With regard to mental QOL, not only psychological problems but also social support and satisfaction with work are highly related to the findings, physical QOL not only the work burden and pain but also the relationship of physical complaints that are issued as psychological problems is high Was discovered. It is undergoing papers.



Statistical analysis service of various social surveys:

Small and medium-sized enterprise synthesis research institute Heisei 21 year survey 4 sets of analysis

1) Research on young people ‘s founding · business management in the era of declining birthrate and aging population: a survey analysis from the questionnaire taken by the students of the university major that is currently most venture oriented in Japan . Compared with other developed countries in the world and Japan in 10 years ago, the founder’s consciousness froze down and the decline in venture mindset became clear. It is suggested that diversified efforts to change the awareness of young people are necessary to rebuild the Japanese economy.

2) Survey research on human resources contributing to innovation of small and medium enterprises: This is a study on the current situation of innovation talent in Japanese small and medium enterprises.

3) Research on market setting and capacity building of SMEs

4) Survey research on information utilization capability and IT conversion in small and medium enterprises 
· Create / ship · input · aggregate questionnaire at Tokyo Institute of Technology: We are in charge of calculating questionnaires for research on research in management.