We aim to apply our methodology to influence effectively for the social change following the internationally agreed goal “SDGs 2030” by targeting diminishing the goal no. 1, “ending the extreme poverty”.

Project Structure:

  • Methodology: We follow the globally well-known methodology for inner change, innovation, multi-sectorial collaboration and also social change: Theory U by Dr. Otto Scharmer as our guideline methodology.
  • Venue: We are located and we work mainly in Cebu province and Dumaguete City in the Philippines.
  • Topics and Projects: We study, launch and intervene with the local social issues mainly interconnected to the root cause of all the problems in the society. We help and collaborate with local communities to accomplish the goal to help diminish the long suffering caused by poverty, tackling several aspects in a comprehensive approach.
  • Team: We are mainly Filipino and Japanese dual nationality team but we are welcome to accept multi-background international participants. Time by time, we see this team growing, expanding and creating more networks to achieve our goals through partnership and collaboration.
  • Activities: We started as a training for locals and Japanese participants to understand the issues and of how society works. Through collaboration and intervention, we aim to address the emergency situation like FOOD as one of the basics in human needs and EDUCATION support to the underpriviledged youth through a continuous Scholarship Program until such a time they graduate. We also aim to help the victims of child trafficking and sexual abuse, through providing assistance including psychological.
  • History: We are on our way in taking part of the history in creating a better world for the future generation.