At Kokoro Lab, we are co-creating a project to overcome the three divisions based on Otto Shermer’s U theory.

Ulab 2x is an online initiative for social change in a group launched by the Presencing Institute from 2019.
No group from Japan participated in 2019, so Noda, who was introduced in the Philippines, introduced himself to the U theory online community in Japan and at the same time participated and launched an educational project. A half-year project was promoted with members who run a private school in Manila, Noda, who runs a hands-on English school in Dumaguete, Negros, and other members who are considering a public school curriculum in Manila. Otto Scharmer was invited to the forum to coincide with the completion, and 9 participants from Japan were invited, and the project was successfully completed.
In 2020, we started a second year of continuous education project as SDGs learning journey project with Japanese people who came to Manila in 2019, but during that time, a new coronavirus was discovered and it led to lockdown. .. And the GAIA journey started.

The Japanese version of the GAIA Journey was created by contacting Noda’s Presenting Institute Headquarters, who participated in the English version in March 2020, and contacting the core members of the Japanese team. In May, we held a three-day seminar with more than 100 participants, and in June, we invited Dr. Otto Shermer to hold a 300-person online seminar at Corona.


CCL, Zero Emi Yokohama


Janida, SDGs Learning Journey